“We need to reduce waste”

The world of hygiene and disinfection is evolving as we speak. That’s why Dreumex is constantly trying to come up with better solutions - when it comes to sustainability, for example. For this reason we recently invested in a new machine that saves no less than 1,500 kilos of recyclable wrapping film each year.

Before our hand care and disinfection products are distributed, they are placed and stacked upon pallets. Then the wrapping begins; an important process that prevents products from being damaged during transport and therefore also causing unnecessary waste. This is carried out by a machine called a ‘pallet wrapper’. The thin wrapping film is made of plastic, though. That didn’t sit well with Jan Nauta, Production & Warehouse Manager at Dreumex: "I think we are all aware that something has to be done about the environment, and we should mainly look at how we can reduce waste.”

A more sustainable machine

After thinking about this, he decided that buying a new, more sustainable machine might be a solution. "Our previous pallet wrapper did not have a pre-stretch property; the included brake motor only did a bit of stretching. However, the new machine pre-stretches, which means one metre of wrapping film will be stretched into three metres. So a lot less plastic reaches the customers. Therefore, we cause less waste.”

But exactly how much plastic does Dreumex save as a result? "1,500 kilos every year," explains Jan Nauta. "We used to need 260 grams to wrap one pallet. Now we wrap the same pallet with 90 grams." A difference of no less than 170 grams. In other words: at least 61% less plastic is used. Every day of the week, every hour in every day.

The old pallet wrapper
The new pallet wrapper

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