In the Automotive and Transportation industries cars, trucks and trailers are making a lot of kilometres every day. On their way they collect a lot of dirt, grit and grime on their bodywork and wheels.

Dreumex Automotive cleaning products will make vehicles shine again. The cleaning agents are tough on dirt, but gentle on the vehicle’s paint, wax and rubber. Depending on the properties, the Automotive cleaners can be applied manually, under high pressure or with a foam gun. They can be used in car wash facilities, for cleaning commercial and private vehicles, trucks and trailers.

Tough on dirt

Dreumex Car Shampoo is specially developed for cleaning cars. The gloss-enhancing ingredients ensure a glossy and streak-free end result. Our Dreumex Foam cleaner has a great absorption of dirt: no brushing or rubbing is needed. We developed Dreumex Truck Cleaner for the heaviest soiling. It removes traffic debris from trucks, trailers, semi-trailers and vans.

Safe for your vehicle

It doesn’t matter which Automotive Cleaner works best for your situation. They are all safe on the exterior of your vehicle. They contain ingredients that prevent corrosion and protect the paint.

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