Dreumex Foam Cleaner

  • Very powerful foam cleaning agent for the removal of traffic dirt from large vehicles
  • Contains anti-corrosion ingredients and prevents damage to paint
  • No brushing or scrubbing required

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Dreumex Foam Cleaner is a high-foaming detergent suitable for the removal of soiling from commercial vehicles and trucks. No scrubbing is required. The product contains ingredients that prevent corrosion and protect paint. Apply Dreumex Foam Cleaner with the foam gun and rinse off with clean water after a few minutes. For best results, clean from bottom to top.

Dilute Dreumex Foam Cleaner with water before use in a ratio of 1:20 to 1:50. Apply the solution from the bottom to the top of the vehicle using a foam cleaning machine and let it soak in for a few minutes (do not let it dry out). Then spray the vehicle from top to bottom using a high-pressure cleaner. Using hot water during application and spraying increases the effect. PH value: 11,3 (undiluted). For professional use only.

pH value


Product Content
 20 ltr
Bar code packing 8712602002857
Packaging Content 1
Article number 90890201001

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