Every day, your hands are exposed to rough objects and harmful substances, such as oil and grease. This can cause damage to the skin, causing it to lose its protective abilities. By taking good care of your hands, you can prevent skin problems, pain and decreased productivity.

Protect, clean and care. Following these three steps each working day will keep your skin in good condition.​ The first important step is to protect the skin with a good barrier cream. When Dreumex Universal Protect is applied before getting to work, it ensures that no harmful substances are absorbed by the skin. The first step to keep your hands in good condition.​

Industrial barrier cream

Dreumex Universal Protect is a highly effective barrier hand cream. It is developed for a variety of industries such as the automotive, manufacturing and construction industry. ​ It protects the skin against aggressive substances like oil, grease and paint​. It can be applied to both dry and wet hands and is absorbed quickly.


Using our protective cream improves your grip and makes it easier to clean your hands afterwards. Dreumex Universal Protect is a barrier cream for hands but can also be applied on the face. That makes it a multifunctional and indispensable product on your tool cart.

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