Dreumex Disinfecting Wipes and Dreumex Disinfectant & Cleaning Wipes offer you and your business the highest sanitary standards. They have proven to be very effective against a broad range of bacterial and/or viral organisms that may harm human health.

Versatile, practical and strong, our surface wipes are much easier to use than spray bottles. They are ready to use and save you time and countless paper towels. This makes them the ideal solution for disinfecting door handles, bannisters, touchscreens, desks, keyboards, counter tops, sports equipment and other high-traffic areas.

Safe for your valuable equipment

Our wipes are designed to be used on a daily basis: disinfecting effectively without causing damage or discoloration to your non-porous surfaces and equipment. They are ready to use, extra strong, non-woven disinfecting wipes without bleach, alcohol, chlorine, aldehyde and VOC.

In small canisters and bulk containers

For every occasion and industry, we offer a convenient packaging with a matching dispenser. Our wall mount holding the tube with 80 disinfecting wipes is used most in the sports and food industry. If you need disinfecting wipes in bulk, our stands and wallmounts that hold the 800-wipe packaging are the best choice for you.

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