When it comes to cross-contamination, not only washing your hands is important: so is drying them. Germs are more easily transferred to and from wet hands. Using a powerful hand dryer after washing your hands reduces the spread of germs immensely and helps to maintain personal hygiene​.

Xlerator® is the new standard when it comes to hand dryers. Thanks to its innovative technology, Xlerator® achieves unprecedented results: substantially lower costs, less time and less impact on the environment. Confident about the quality, Xlerator® comes with 7 years warranty.

The new standard

Xlerator® dries your hands in 10-12 seconds. This means a lower energy consumption and less impact on the environment. Furthermore, Xlerator® saves up to 95% of your costs per year, compared to paper towels, making it the most economical option​. It also saves a lot of time when it comes to maintenance, as your washroom remains clean.

Essential in any washroom

Our Xlerator® hand dryers are used in washrooms across many industries, such as the food industry, sports & health, hospitality industry and in office buildings​. Together with our Omnicare soap dispenser and Gold Fresh air freshener they form the winning team for your washroom.

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