At Dreumex we believe hygiene and cleanliness are vital for all businesses and public spaces – now even more than ever. We are determined to contribute to our customers’ health and help prevent the spread of diseases. That’s why our company has been developing and manufacturing heavy-duty hand cleansing, industrial cleaning and disinfecting products for over 70 years.

When it comes to hygiene and cleaning solutions, we like to be the first to tread the path and see it as our duty to lead the way. Over the past decades, we have seen the world and the needs of our customers change​. Personal and public hygiene have become major priorities in public spaces and the workplace. In our own R&D lab, we continuously invest in developing innovative hygiene solutions. We aim at meeting the needs of our customers even before they arise​.

Nowadays, our cutting-edge products are used in companies around the world, in a wide variety of industries where health and cleanliness are of vital importance. We take pride in being able to say that our products enable countless professionals to do their jobs in a safe and responsible way. That’s why we will never stop innovating.

Dreumex. Serious hygiene.

Manufacturer of world class products for over 70 years

Dreumex was founded in the village of Dreumel, the Netherlands. Our journey started with the production of hand cleansing products for the automotive and the construction industry​. Over the years we developed a broader range of products, such as industrial cleaners, disinfectants, washroom products and wipes.

From product development to production, bottling to packaging, all processes take place under the direct management of the Dreumex company. Our modern factories and facilities with fully automatized mixing equipment guarantee consistent quality and performance. With flexible filling lines for various packaging formats we can reliably accommodate to the demand of the market​. Over the years, our innovativeness and consistent quality made Dreumex a trusted brand name.

Innovation is in our DNA

Dreumex has its own research and development department, which is dedicated to our continuous search for better products and solutions. This results in a steady stream of new products while exceeding customer expectation and opening opportunities in markets. Examples are One2Clean, which was the very first touch-free heavy duty cleaning dispenser, and our unique Omnicare Bag-On-Valve Technology and disinfecting wipes.​ Not only to clean dirty hands, but also clean invisible contamination such as bacteria and viruses on hands and surfaces.

Over the past 70 years, Dreumex has accumulated all the needed expertise combined with experience to stay ahead of the pack​. By pushing our own boundaries, we continue to provide our customers the best products and solutions. We will never stop innovating – it’s simply in our DNA.

Superior customer support

As a Dreumex Partner, distributors, wholesalers and suppliers benefit from our knowledge and enthusiasm about our solutions.​ We help you with your acquisition by arranging joint visits to your customers and our users. We also offer extensive marketing support, like online and offline campaign materials, to boost your sales. Because we truly see this partnership as a collaboration from which we can both benefit. Combining our passion and your outreach, we can achieve great accomplishments together.​


We continually focus on improving our range with products that is reliable, sustainable and futureproof​. An important step in this process was replacing plastic microbeads in some of our products by the natural scrubber silica, as of mid-December 2017. Reducing waste and overuse are also important pillars. Those inspired us to develop soap cartridges that actually empty themselves 100% and our auto dosage system for soap dispensers. In addition to improving our products, we encourage customers not to use more of our soaps, sprays and wipes than necessary and properly dispose used dispensers and wipes.


With locations in the Netherlands, France and the US, Dreumex​ serves a wide variety of companies in more than 50 countries. We’d like you to meet our international team. An ambitious team that consists of great thinkers and doers, pioneers and explorers, energetic go getters and perfectionists. A dynamic group of professionals with different talents, who work together every day to explore and improve the world of hygiene and heavy-duty cleaning.

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