When working with aggressive substances each day, washing your hands is an inevitable and recurring task. A task that should be easily done and doesn’t take up too much of your time.

What you need are top-quality hand cleansers, protecting creams and caring creams, and a system that dispenses the right amount, while facilitating a hygienic working environment. Possessing all of these qualities, Dreumex One2Clean is one of the most popular dispensers for the heavy-duty industries. It eliminates the risk of cross-contamination and offers you ease of use. It is the complete solution for clean and healthy hands.

The benefits of Dreumex One2Clean

  • Total concept: protect, clean and care
  • Unique touch-free dispenser for optimal hygiene
  • Efficient: automatic dosing guarantees up to 85% cost savings
  • Small and large dosage for light and heavy soiling
  • Easy to install and maintain

For professionals who work with their hands

Dreumex One2Clean is used in many industries, such as the automotive, construction and manufacturing industry.​ It is compatible with our heavy-duty soaps, our protective cream and reconditioning cream.

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