Dreumex Special hand cleaner: new and improved!

We are proud to inform you about the new and improved Dreumex Special hand cleaner, after months of development and extensive testing, incorporating valuable feedback from customers and users. Our new formula is entirely according to the latest standards.

What has been improved?

Improved cleaning: Thanks to its modified formula, the new Dreumex Special cleans even more powerfully than the current hand cleaner. Our field test* showed that 98% of testers rated the new Special with 'clean' and 'very clean', an improvement compared to the current Dreumex Special.

Better rinse-off: The new Dreumex Special rinses off much easier, leaving hands and sink clean. One tester reported, "Very nice that the sink stays a lot cleaner. You use the cleaner a lot more efficiently".

Skin-friendly: The new formula contains relatively fewer scrubbers compared to the current version, so this is less abrasive, without compromising on cleaning power. In fact, this has been improved. It has a lower pH-value and additional caring ingredients that prevent dry hands and keep the skin in optimal condition and protect it. The new formula has been rated excellent in dermatological testing and is completely solvent-free.

Sustainable: New is the scrubber made from corn cobs, a by-product from maize farmers. This stimulates the circular economy and gives maize farmers additional income. Moreover, the corn scrubber is 100% natural, biodegradable, of organic origin and not genetically modified. All ingredients are sourced from Europe.

The improved Dreumex Special can now be found in resell stores and online outlets. Packaging with these improved formulas is easily recognised by the 'New & Improved' label.

Learn more?

Click here if you would like more information about our Dreumex Special hand cleaner or contact our customer service via the contact form or call +31 412 - 406 506.

*Tested by Dreumex in Feb/March 2023 among 72 users of existing end customers in automotive and industry who buy Dreumex Special.

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