Food-safe disinfection without alcohol with the new Dreumex Disinfectant & Cleaning Wipes Blue

The use of ethanol in disinfectants is not uncontroversial. In the Netherlands, it is on the list of carcinogens and substances harmful to reproduction, the so-called SZW list. As an alternative, isopropyl alcohol, or IPA, is often used. But even this biocide can cause health problems such as kidney and liver abnormalities and eczema if it comes in contact with the skin. In the food industry, cleaning and disinfection is extremely important to prevent the spread and contamination of micro-organisms. All the more reason to look into the possibility of disinfecting without alcohol.

Hygiene in the food industry

Professionals in the food industry know that hygiene is important to produce safe and quality food. Failure to follow good hygiene practices can lead to contamination of food with bacteria, viruses and yeasts, which can cause serious health problems for consumers. Besides the risk of health problems, poor hygiene can also lead to product loss and damage the company's reputation. It is crucial that all employees are not only aware of the hygiene plan, but also given the right tools to ensure that hygienic work can be done in a safe, user-friendly and efficient manner. Then rules are more complied with and risks reduced. The use of cleaning and disinfection wipes helps companies do just that.

First clean, then disinfect

Disinfection only makes sense if surfaces are clean. Grease and dirt must be removed first, otherwise tough bacteria, viruses and germs, located below, cannot be reached properly with a disinfectant. Different products are often used to clean first and then disinfect. Loose, dry cloths combined with liquids and sprays are time-consuming, consume unnecessary amounts and spraying also releases unhealthy chemicals into the air.

Cleaning and disinfecting with the same wipe

Using impregnated wipes offers many advantages. They are ready-to-use, so fewer different products are needed. Each wipe has the right amount of agent, so the risk of mistakes is much lower. They also increase safety for workers, as there is less risk of inhalation and spillage. However, most wipes are suitable for cleaning or disinfecting only. And the current disinfection wipes on the market usually contain ethanol and/or IPA.

New on the market: Dreumex Disinfectant & Cleaning Wipes Blue

Unique to Dreumex's blue cleaning and disinfecting wipes, they are suitable for both cleaning and disinfecting smaller, hard surfaces. As a result, businesses only need one product for removing dirt and killing micro-organisms. In addition, they are safe for staff and surfaces, as they do not contain ethanol or IPA, bleach, chlorine, aldehyde or VOC. Their small size prevents unnecessary waste and makes them ideal for cleaning and disinfecting small, hard surfaces and tools such as knives, thermometers, tongs, handles, mixers, blenders and slicers. The structure of the wipes makes it easy to remove dirt and they also contain a powerful disinfectant which is effective against a wide range of bacteria, yeasts and enveloped viruses. After removing dirt, surfaces should be left wet for 2 minutes for optimal results. Post-rinsing is not necessary, providing an additional benefit of time savings. Dreumex Disinfectant & Cleaning Wipes Blue are PT2 and PT4 rated, so perfect for the food industry that wants to clean and disinfect without alcohol.

For more information see Dreumex Disinfectant & Cleaning Wipes Blue

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