Dreumex Alu Cleaner

  • Effortlessly removes medium to heavy soiling on aluminium
  • Particularly powerful acid-based detergent
  • Not suitable for anodised aluminium such as wheel rims

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Dreumex Alu Cleaner is a detergent specially developed for the removal of corrosion and limescale deposits on aluminum, without damaging other metals or paintwork. Dreumex Alu Cleaner is applied by hand from bottom to top and then rinsed away with clean water. Note: do not use Dreumex Alu Cleaner for anodised aluminum, like wheel rims.

Dosage: 1 part Dreumex Alu Cleaner to 3-10 parts water (depending on type and nature of soiling). Apply the solution from bottom to top. Allow to penetrate and let work for 5 to 20 minutes depending upon the degree of soiling. Prevent drying up! Then rinse thoroughly with clean water. Wear rubber gloves and safety glasses while working with the product. Try Dreumex Alu Cleaner first on a small, non-obvious place. Caution: DO NOT use Dreumex Alu Cleaner on anodised aluminium. pH value: 0,5 (undiluted). For professional use only.

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Product Content
5 ltr
Bar code packing 8712602000341
Packaging Content 4
Article number 90250001001

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