Dreumex Omnicare

  • Unique “touch-free”dispenser. One dispenser for all products
  • Lowest costs per hand wash
  • No waste - Cartridge empties 100%

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Dreumex Omnicare’s revolutionary Bag-on-Valve Instant Foam Technology provides the lowest costs while it cleans and cares for the hands under all circumstances. All in one system! The concentrated soaps are converted into rich, firm foams during dispensation due to the Bag-On-Valve Technology used in the soap cartridges​. The cartridge consists of a laminated bag that is attached to a valve, a cartridge (tin), nozzle and cap. Pure air is injected between the can and the bag, before the bag is filled with soap. This increases the pressure and causes the bag to empty completely. Only 0.2ml Foam Soap needed to wash hands Thanks to the Bag-on-Valve Instant Foam Technology and highly concentrated Foam Soap, a dose of 0.2 ml Foam Soap per hand wash is adequate for optimum hand cleansing, whereas other touch free dispensers dose at least 0.4 ml per wash.Therefore 400 ml of soap is enough for 2.000 hand washes​. This is more than the typical one liter pack of competitive products.

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