Dreumex Omnicare Hygienic Foam

  • Antibacterial effect
  • Helps control the growth of micro-organisms
  • Can be used within HACCP plans
  • For usage in Dreumex Omnicare unique dispensing system

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Dreumex Omnicare Hygienic Foam is made with the Bag-on-Valve Instant Foam Technology for circumstances where hand hygiene is extra important. The product has an antibacterial action and helps control the growth of micro-organisms. This product can be used within HACCP plans.

Apply on wet hands and rub hands vigorously. ​Rinse hands and dry thoroughly. Keep package well closed and stored under cool conditions.

pH value6.25
0.4 ml
Omnicare cartridge

Omnicare cartridge

Product Content
400 ml
Bar code packing 8712602004219
Packaging Content 6
Bar code (box) 8712602004219
Dimensions box (L x W x H) 320 x 240 x 126 mm
Article number 91204001001

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