Dreumex launches an enhanced One2clean dispenser

Dreumex launches a new and improved One2clean automatic dispenser on the 1st of February. The enhanced dispenser responds to the demand from the market for a way to provide small and large dosages of hand cleaner. This is an improvement with which the total concept ensures clean and healthy hands in an even more efficient way. The One2clean total concept ensures clean and healthy hands in an even more efficient way with this improvement.

The One2clean system is a 100% hygienic and user-friendly solution for light, medium and heavy duty soilings. This touch-free dispenser is fully automatic and activated by an infrared sensor. You don’t have to touch anything. This ensures a hygienic working environment.

Increased automation and use of gloves has created a new market where hands get less dirty, but still need to be washed. With the enhanced One2clean dispenser, it is now possible to choose a small dosage amount and that makes the dispenser very efficient to use "says Jan-Chris Heeger, CEO of Dreumex.

With the enhanced automatic One2Clean dispenser, you can choose a small dose (3ml) for light to medium soilings and a large dose (5ml) for medium to heavy soilings. By having the option, the right amount of soap is dispensed for each washing.  Also, a delay in the dispensing mechanism ensures that it is impossible to take an unnecessary second dose immediately. Because of this, companies save up to 85% on their operating costs.

Additionally, the robust dispenser had a major makeover and has become more maintenance-friendly. The new dispenser is easy to install and the integrated LED-indicator shows when the batteries are almost empty or when you have to replace them.

One2clean plays an important role in the professional industry since 2008 because of its products that protect, clean and care for the hands.

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