Dreumex Disinfectant & Cleaning Wipes: two purposes combined in one (s)wipe

Versatile, practical and powerful: our new Dreumex Disinfectant & Cleaning Wipes are here! From now on, you’re able to disinfect and clean hard surfaces at the very same time, without having to use a spray bottle and cleaning cloth. A big plus: they’re safe to use on equipment and can be used on surfaces that come into contact with food.

Ensuring hygiene in companies and public spaces has become increasingly important. We at Dreumex are happy to contribute. Considering our 70 years of experience, we know a lot about cleaning and maintaining that cleanliness in professional environments. After all, a pleasant and tidy (working) environment is essential for everyone.

Food and equipment

Our brand new Dreumex Disinfectant & Cleaning Wipes are ready-to-use, so you always have a wipe at hand to disinfect your (work) space quickly and effectively. Whether it’s an office, fitness centre, swimming pool or catering establishment. See, these wipes contain nature based elements, making them safe to use on surfaces that come into contact with foods and drinks.

Another advantage: because we used the right ingredients, they’re perfectly safe to use on your valuable equipment, e.g. touch screens, ATMs, keyboards or fitness machines.. This means not having to worry about damage or discolouration. Furthermore, these wipes are ready-to-use, which makes a spray bottle and cleaning cloth unnecessary. Thus, with this cleaning method, you save both time and effort as well as countless cleaning cloths. And consider this: no one but yourself touches your wipe!

How to use

Because Dreumex Disinfectant & Cleaning Wipes are quick and easy-to-use, you do not need to wear gloves. Grab a wet wipe out of its packaging, mop a surface until it is completely wet and then let it air dry. There is no need to rinse or dry with a towel. A used wipe can be disposed of in the usual waste stream.

The wipes are part of the Dreumex Power Wipes© line, and contain no bleach, alcohol, chlorine, aldehyde or VOC. Suitable for use on hard surfaces, except for acid-sensitive stone types (e.g. marble) and soft metals.

Wipes in bulk or small packaging

We offer small or large packages of wipes with matching holders. This way, there’s an ideal package for every industry and cleaning occasion. Dreumex Disinfectant & Cleaning Wipes are available in a canister containing 80 wipes, or you can pick one of our buckets containing 350 or 800 wipes. A refill can be ordered for the largest bucket. Dreumex Disinfectant & Cleaning Wipes have been authorised for use in the EU (EU-0018737-0001).

Need more information?

Click here for a page on our website containing additional information about Dreumex Disinfectant & Cleaning Wipes. The blue drop-down buttons offer more information about how to use the wipes, our different packaging, sizes and FAQ (frequently asked questions). Photos, safety and commercial information are available for download.

If you have any questions, please contact our customer service at +31 412 - 406 506.

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