100% natural scrubbers in all Dreumex products

As a hygiene specialist, Dreumex continuously innovates and improves the range with products that are reliable, sustainable and future-proof. From January 2018 onwards, plastic microbeads have been replaced by the natural scrubber silica in all Dreumex products.


In extensive research and clinical trials with end users, we have experienced that silica scrubbers are skin-friendly, have a pleasant hand feeling and have excellent cleaning power. With this, Dreumex guarantees the quality you are used to.

Silica is extracted, among other things, from the residual production of rice and is permitted worldwide in personal care products.

A better environment

In addition to silica, Dreumex has been using natural scrubbers in Dreumex Eco and Dreumex Wash & Care for years. Through the complete conversion to natural scrubbers, Dreumex takes its responsibility to improve the environment and gives you the opportunity to do the same. Advise your customers products with natural grains, so that together we can contribute to a better environment!

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