Springing Into a Cleaner Space

Spring cleaning can play a very important role not just within one’s home or office, but can also help boost your immune system and lower the chance of illness. An area that is free of dust, dirt, and mold can increasingly prevent major respiratory issues caused from the air that you breathe within your environment.

Tackling Commonly Used Areas

Throughout the winter months, it is very common for household items to collect more pollutants than usual. Between the spread of Covid-19 and everyday interactions, it is important to consistently wipe down surfaces that are touched often. Dreumex Surface Disinfecting Wipes come in handy when tackling the spring cleaning process as they are a safer alternative to spray disinfectants and are also built strong for those tougher surfaces. Commonly used and shared areas such as your kitchen and bathroom should be cleaned thoroughly. Just by wiping down surfaces, you can decrease the amount of germs and viruses that live on them. Even though cleaning is something that you should do on a regular basis, spring cleaning is a great way to do an even deeper clean, specifically within areas that are not typically reached. In the deep cleaning process, it is highly important to read the dwell time on labels as this ensures you are fully disinfecting areas of any germs, viruses, and bacteria.

Your Spring Cleaning Checklist

A spring cleaning checklist is a great way to organize all of your cleaning objectives. It allows you to assign specific cleaning tasks to each room which in the end can make the entire spring cleaning process less stressful.

National Cleaning Week

Each year, on the fourth Sunday of March, National Cleaning Week encourages people all over the nation to partake in activities revolved around cleaning. National Cleaning Week is designed to promote and educate the importance of cleanliness to the community. The International Sanitary Supply Association (ISSA), celebrates and promotes the significance of National Cleaning Week by advocating for not only those who are involved in the cleaning industry, but the community as well. Their main goal is to educate, raise awareness, promote the value of clean, and contribute to the community through charitable donations.

Take Part in the Cause

By participating in National Cleaning Week, we can help reduce the spread of germs, disease, bacteria, and much more. Many studies have shown that keeping up with a clean lifestyle can also help improve your mood, decrease the levels of stress, and increase overall productivity rates. Statistics have shown that a clean environment impacts how we work and even where we choose to shop. Whether it is cleaning your home, an office space, or even your car, cleaning contains many benefits for people in the long run.  Contact Dreumex today to discuss which products are right for your environment.  

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