How many times a day do you wash your hands or clean your tools? When working in the Automotive, Construction or Manufacturing industry the answer must be: countless times. It takes up many minutes of each day. And what if there is no water nearby?

What you need is a quick and effective solution to clean your hands, tools and workbench. Our extra strong woven industrial Power Wipes® remove the heaviest soiling in an instant – and let you move on to the next job quickly.

Heavy-duty wipes

Our multi-purpose, heavy-duty Power Wipes® are much stronger than normal wipes or traditional paper towels. The special formula in the wipes deeply penetrates the grease, oil, ink, paint, dirt and grime. With a few swipes you’ll remove the dirt from your hands, tools and surroundings.

Convenient and easy to use

The pre-moistened wipes always contain the right amount of cleaning agent, they are disposable and do not require rinsing after use. If you switch between jobs often, a container with our industrial wipes is indispensable on your tool cart, or in your work van.

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