Your hands touch many surfaces throughout the day. At your workplace, in the cafeteria, at the grocery store, the day care center and the gym. Some surfaces may be visibly soiled, others are contaminated by invisible germs. You don’t always have the time or possibility to take out your cleaning supplies. That’s when you need a quick, effective and easy way to clean up those heavily soiled surfaces and disinfect high traffic areas.

With our cleaning and disinfecting wipes we offer a one-step solution for every surface cleaning challenge. Whether you need to clean your heavily soiled car tools or disinfect the counter in a busy doctor’s office: we have the right solution for you. Our surface cleaning products are:

  • Ready-to-use, quick and effective
  • Gentle on the skin, equipment and non-porous surfaces
  • Applicable in many industries: food & hospitality, sports & health, automotive, construction, offices, schools

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