While hygiene and cleanliness are of great importance, so are efficiency and a steady workflow. What you need is a quick, effective and easy way to disinfect high traffic areas, tools and work environment.

With Monk® disinfectant​ wipes you have a top-quality and cost-efficient solution. A solution that offers you ease of use and great results, whatever your cleaning or disinfecting challenge is. Experience the convenience and increase your productivity.

The benefits of Monk® wipes

  • Ready to use: anywhere, anytime
  • Extra strong wipes for heavy-duty cleaning
  • One-step solution: no rinsing required
  • Always the right amount of active ingredients
  • Cost efficient

A Monk® wipe for every occasion

Whether your goal is to disinfect high traffic surfaces, or to remove heavy soiling from your hands and tools: there is a Monk® wipe for every occasion. Therefore, Monk® wipes are used in a wide variety of businesses, such as gyms, hotels, day care centers, schools, offices and car workshops.

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