Working in the Automotive, Manufacturing or Construction industry, your skin is exposed to aggressive substances and different types of dirt. Washing and scrubbing them multiple times a day speeds up the dehydration process. In addition, during the colder months harsh weather conditions can take an extra toll on the skin.

When the protective layer of the skin is damaged, it can lead to drying, cracked skin and ultimately skin problems like eczema or dermatitis. Since your hands are your most valuable tools, taking good care of them is of great importance. At Dreumex we have developed an effective reconditioning hand cream for construction workers, factory workers, mechanics and any other professional who works with his hands.

Industrial hand cream

Taking care of dry skin should be an easy step to incorporate into your daily work routine. Dreumex Natural Care is a highly effective workers hand cream; only a thin layer has to be applied. The cream is quickly absorbed into the skin and can be applied on the entire body.

Protect, clean, care

After treating your dry working hands with our protective cream and industrial hand cleansers, applying our reconditioning cream is the final step in keeping your skin in optimal condition. Our heavy-duty hand cream will protect the skin and stimulate its natural recovery process.

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