Introducing Dreumex Expert Wipes

At Dreumex, we understand a reliable cleaning solution is crucial for hard-to-remove soils. Therefore, the Power Wipes® brand of products has expanded to include Dreumex Expert Wipes which contain a highly effective formula that safely removes even the most heavy duty and stubborn soiling such as paint, glue, ink, and sealant from hands.

A wipe strong enough to keep up with the experts

Print shop professionals, roofers, and painters are commonly confronted with tough materials to remove like paint, varnish, and glue. Finding an efficient solution can be challenging in these environments where heavy soils are present. However, Dreumex Expert Wipes are one of the most potent cleaning wipes on the market, safe for hands and surfaces, and are easily implemented into workers’ daily routines.

No water necessary

Experience the convenience and increase in productivity with Dreumex Expert Wipes, which allows hands to be freed quickly of dirt or grime when water is unavailable. They ensure fast removal of lubricants, oil and grease, and even lacquer. By reducing the number of trips by employees to the sink, billable time is saved and money earned. Dreumex Expert Wipes are ideal for construction, automotive, aviation, print, and industrial employees. The robust and textured towel grabs onto debris and doesn’t redistribute back onto the skin.


  • Powerful cleaning without the use of ethanol or IPA (alcohol)
  • No PPE required
  • Solvent-free formula
  • Removes the toughest grime within seconds
  • No harsh chemical smell
  • Saves time in between jobs

Dreumex has the solution

Dreumex Expert Wipes boasts much work without the hassle of water, is disposable, and has quick absorption. Contact our sales team today at to discuss how Dreumex Expert Wipes are the right industrial solution for any hard-to-remove soiling.

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