What Is a Substrate?

A substrate is the material that a disinfecting or sanitizing wipe is made of. Wipes may be made of cotton, polyester, viscose, wood pulp, cellulose, polypropylene, or a combination of these materials. Each substrate provides certain characteristics that make the wipes suitable for use in specific environments.

For example, polypropylene can often be found in the medical industry because of its low linting properties. Polyester allows for a relatively greater degree of stretch and strength before tearing. It is also non-abrasive and heat resistant.

Wipes made of cotton can absorb and retain liquids at a substantially higher rate than other substrates and has significant strength when wet. Wipes made of viscose are soft to the touch and so widely used for personal care wipes yet may not be ideally suited when there is a critical need for particle control.

The right substrate for the industry

When choosing disinfecting wipes for different purposes, applications, and industries, it is important to consider which substrate best fits your needs. Wipes of various substrates will clean and disinfect surfaces, but not always as effectively as possible. The Environmental Protection Agency also has standards about the use of substrates. In order to maintain efficacy, only certain substrates are approved for specific EPA-registered products.

Choosing a substrate for your needs and preferences

The Dreumex Hand & Tool Wipes demonstrate the benefits of a substrate. The Hand & Tool Wipes and Hand & Tool Scrubber Wipes both consist of a powerful solution designed to remove materials that are traditionally hard to clean, such as grease, tar, ink, and paint.

The difference between these two effective products is the substrate: the Ultra Hand & Tool Scrubber Wipes include a scrubber towel that is dual-sided, one side for scrubbing and one side for wiping.

Choosing your wipes

The goal of Dreumex is to provide high-quality hygiene and disinfecting solutions. This process includes helping you decide which products best fit your needs. Contact us today to discuss the Dreumex products that are right for you.

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