Pumicized Citrus Lotion

No matter what type of business you’re selling to or how dirty their employees’ hands get on the job, Dreumex’s Pumicized Citrus Lotion will remove tough dirt and grime while leaving their skin clean and refreshed.

That might sound too good to be true, but it’s not. Here’s what you need to know about our most popular cleansing soap.

Citrus Power, Not Citrus Smell

When employees use a hand cleaner multiple times throughout the day, the last thing they want is a strong smell that will stay on their hands between uses– especially those who are sensitive to fragrances.

Our Pumicized Citrus Lotion harnesses the power of citrus to clean their hands but does not have a strong citrus smell. They can wash with confidence knowing that they won’t be smelling citrus all day long on the job.

Natural Ingredients, Low Cost

s you may know, many hand cleaners on the market are filled with petroleum solvents and other harmful chemicals.

Our Pumicized Citrus Lotion uses the natural cleaning power of citrus and American-made pumice. It is petroleum solvent free, pH-balanced, and biodegradable. Not only are they choosing a great cleaning product for hands, they’re also helping the environment by choosing a sustainable product.

It’s important to note that those ingredients don’t come at a higher cost. Pumicized Citrus Lotion remains an affordable solution for many types of businesses such as garages, manufacturing facilities and industrial locations.

Cleaner, Not Lotion

While the product’s name is Pumicized Citrus Lotion, it is not a lotion in the moisturizing sense. Because it’s solvent-free, it will not dry hands like some other cleansers out there. If your clients are looking for additional moisture after cleansing, our Dreumex Natural Care helps restore moisture to dry hands and is a great companion to Pumicized Citrus Lotion.

Water Recommended, not Required

A rinse with water is not required when using Pumicized Citrus Lotion, but we do recommend using a rag or towel to fully remove the pumice before resuming any activity. The last thing you want is pumice getting into someone’s eyes in the middle of a project. We also offer Power Wipes® that allow for hand and tool clean up without the use of water.

Refills Made Easy

Pumicized Citrus Lotion comes in two container sizes: a one-gallon jug and a 4000 mL refill tank. The one-gallon jug stands alone and has its own pump, while the 4000 mL refill tank is mounted on a wall with our Dispenser-Mate® 5000.

Dispenser-Mate® 5000 uses a pump to dispense the correct amount of cleaner each time and makes it easy to swap out refill tanks when one runs out. By utilizing a reservoir, the Dispenser-Mate® 5000 provides time for reorder and there’s no wasted product!

Take the Next Step

We’re confident our Pumicized Citrus Lotion will be a great addition to your product portfolio. Contact our sales team at 800-233-9382 or submit a request to learn more about the product or set up a trial program for the Dispenser-Mate® 5000.

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